Руководство по аренде автомобилей

eCar Rent a Car - Car Rental Guide ( Руководство по аренде автомобилей )

Minimum Driver Age
- 21 years of age for Economic and Compact car groups (e.g. R.Clio, Hyundai i20)
- 25 years of age for Intermediate car groups (e.g. R.Megane, Opel Astra)
- 27 years of age for Full Size car groups (e.g. Skoda Superb, VW Passat)
- 30 years of age for Premium car groups (e.g. BMW 320 series, Mercedes C series)

All renters must posses a valid credit card and have them ready at the time of pick-up of the vehicles. A minimum provision of 100 € is requested from those credit cards depending on the booked vehicle.

Driving Licence
Renters must possess a valid driving licence and have them available at the time of pick-up of the vehicles.
The renters should posses a valid driving licence of at least;
- 2 years old for economic and compact car groups,
- 3 years old for intermediate car groups,
- 5 years old for full size and Premium car groups.
Renters must meet above requirements at the time of pick-up and must hold a valid credit card and driving licence to be presented to eCar representative.

eCar General Rate Conditions
eCar rates include below Services and Products;

All prices listed on our website include below services and products:
- All prices include CDW insurance. This insurance covers the damages caused by collision of vehicles by an accident.
The Customer is only responsible for the following amounts:EDMR,CDMR,CDMD,IDMR,IDAR,IDMD,SWMD:400 €. TDMR,TDMD,TDAR:500 €. SFMD, SFAR:600 € ICMD,FDMR,FDMD,XSAR,XPAR,CBAR,PBAR,PBAD,PLAR: 1000 €. which is at renters responsibility. This insurance does not cover the damages resulting from non-collisions like parking damages, Tyres-Glasses-Headlight, Personal Accident Insurance, 3rd Party Protection Insurance, etc.,
- Limited kilometers 400 km / a day or 3600 km / mounth ( 1,5 Euro / more km )
- CDW insurance (with an excess of 400 €), CDW insurance ( with an excess of 500 €), CDW insurance ( with an excess of 600 €) or CDW insurance (with an excess of 1000 € )
-Theft Protection Insurance
- Premium location fee

The renters can not benefit from assurance of the insurance and the damages are no more covered by the insurance if;
- The vehicle is driven by someone who is not registered on the original rental agreement,
- The vehicle is driven with negligence (vehicle is driven while the engine is overheated, driven off-road, driven with a flat tyre, driven overloaded or driven for carriage purposes, etc),
- The vehicle is not driven within legal limits (like violation of speed limits, violation of traffic lights and any other traffic offences),
- The vehicle is driven under influence of drugs and/or alcoholic drinks,
- The vehicle is used for transportation of heavy goods
- The vehicle is driven without taking environmental circumstances into consideration such as heavy rain, snow, following a car within unappropriate distance etc,
- The damage or the theft of the vehicle is not reported immediately to eCar from the supplied emergency telephone number (unless it is reported by a medical authority that the renter is unable to      communicate)
- The vehicle is left unattended or the origin of accident is left before the legal reports are prepared,
- The legal reports are not completed with other parties involved, or if necessary obtain those reports from local authorities,
- The original keys are not returned to eCar in case the vehicle is stolen,
- The vehicle is not returned on the agreed return date without an advance confirmation from eCar,
- Any damage on Tyres, Glasses and Headlights are not covered by Insurance. Customers willing to waive these responsibilities may buy Top Cover CDW
- The 3rd party damages are covered by mandatory insurance. The damages exceeding the limit of this insurance is at renters responsibility.

eCar rates exclude below Services and Products:

Top Cover CDW (THW):

By paying an extra daily amount , customers may waive their responsibilities for the non-waivareable 400 €, 500 €, 600 € or 1000 € cdw excess. In addition to this, customers who buy this optional insurance will not be requested to supply report for one-side damages like parking area damages and (TGH) Tyres-Glasses-Headlight damages upto 400 €, 500 €, 600 € or 1000 € This optional insurance can be purchased at 6 € /day for EDMR,CDMR,CDMD,IDMR,IDAR,IDMD,SWMD, at 8 € /day for TDMR,TDMD,TDAR, at 10 € /day for SFMD, SFAR, at 15 € /day for  ICMD,FDMR,FDMD,XSAR,XPAR,CBAR,PBAR,PBAD,PLAR.

Car Rental One Way Fee:
If the rented vehicle is dropped to another station than the rented location or if the vehicle is requested to be collected from a certain location other than eCar locations, delivery/collection charges applies (depending on availability and confirmation).

Car Fuel:
The vehicles are delivered with full tank of fuels and expected to be returned the way they have been delivered. The missing fuel level is charged with an additional %25 service fee. We recommend our customers to return the vehicles with the same fuel levels as they have been delivered.

Addional Drivers:
Additional driver is registered on the rental agreement 3 Euro of charge.

Baby and Booster Seats:
Baby and Booster seats are avaible at all locations. As the number of these sets are limited, we recommend you to ask for avaibility at the time of reservation. 3 Euro / Day

Amendment requests on rental agreements:

Any price agreed mutually on a rental agreement is valid for that particular rental. Any change on either return date, or return station is subject to confirmation by eCar. Even the confirmation is supplied, eCar has the right to charge extra amounts for such changes and/or not to return the deposit if the car is returned earlier than agreed. The rental conditions are changed if any of below condition is changed. To extend the rental period, customers should supply a mail order by fax and send approval on the phone. 2nd extension request should be made at eCar counter at a eCar location where the customer should appear himself with the rented vehicle.

- changes on return date or time (late return/early return)
- changes on return location
- changes on car group
- request for an additional driver for the rented vehicle
- return delay in time

The rental period is 24 hours. If the car is returned 1 hour later than the rental time, a delay is charged at a 1/5 of daily rental price. 5 hours and more delays are charged as a complete daily rental price. Any late returns where eCar confirmation is not asked may cause the insurance become void.

Other operational extra services:
Customers can receive more information about the services that they might need during their trip from eCar locations at the time of reservation.

Conditions for Reservations
The following conditions apply for the bookings processed on our website: If the reservation is changed (return date is changed, return location is changed, car group is changed or an additional driver is added), the demand may be refused and the reservation may not be confirmed. If it is confirmed, there may exist some additional charges or there may happen a cancellation of discounts on available tariffs.

All prices listed on our website includes Please refer to our "Price Conditions" for any additional extras.

Limited kilometers 400 km / a day ( 1,5 Euro Euro / more km), VAT, CDW insurance (with an excess of 400 €), CDW insurance (with an excess of 500 €), CDW insurance (with an excess of 600 €) or CDW insurance (with an excess of 1000 €) Theft Protection Insurance, Premium location fee. For During busy days of the year, especially in high seasons and special days, eCar may request to charge a portion or the total amount of the reservation in advance by a "mail order" or by a "bank transfer" from the customers.

Pre-paid reservations; If the placed booking is cancelled in 72 hours advance or more, a charge of 30 Euro shall be made. If the cancellation is submitted less than this time period which is within 72 hours prior to the rental time, a charge of a minimum of one (1) day rental cost of the reserved car shall be made. Cancellations must be made in writing and must be sent to: Fax: +90 352 231 26 79, e-mail: [email protected]

Any amendment is subject to %25 increase on the daily charge of the vehicle either at reservation process or at rental process.

A rental agreement is signed during pick-up the rental vehicle.

All vehicles listed on our website are sample vehicle and actual cars to be delivered are either the model shown or the similar vehicles, a variety of models and make.

We have carefully taken care of your reservation. But if in case you need assistance, please contact with our reservation team from the provided telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

When the reservation is completed, you will be contacted by our reservation team or receive a message concerning the status of your query. The payment may either be placed by a "mail order" or by a "bank transfer" during reservation or by a "valid credit card" or "cash" at the time of pick-up of the vehicle. Even the payment is placed in cash, a provision of 100 €,150 € or 200 €  is taken from your credit card as a deposit of the rental.

For customers who wants to pay on invoice should request "Gentle Agreement" from our team and return the signed copy of the agreement before the rental. Our account team will contact with you accordingly.

By their reservation process on our websites, all visitors are accepted and regarded to be aware of our "General Terms & Conditions", "Price Conditions" and "Use of Website Conditions".

Have a good journey...

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